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Porto Cervo

Cala Granu is a beautiful bay where the intense green of the vegetation and wild rocky headlands are combined with a crystal blue sea, creating a scenery of rare beauty. One km from here is Porto Cervo Marina, one of the most comfortable ports in the Mediterranean. With 700 berths, this marina is the true heart of Porto Cervo, and every year hosts the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts.

The village of Porto Cervo is located 2 kms south from here. It is the most important tourist resort in Sardinia. Porto Cervo was founded in 1962 by Prince Karim Aga Khan, who visited the north of Sardinia and was struck by the beauty of these places. He decided to buy these lands, at the time quite unknown, and to build the first hotel. Since then, Porto Cervo has never lost its charm and today, with its beautiful stone villas, lush gardens, and manicured streets and squares. With its fancy boutiques, the wonderful villas and the lovely architecture of its streets and squares, Porto Cervo is one of the most renowned and unique tourist resorts in Europe and in the world.

In addition to all that, there is the immense cultural and natural heritage of Sardinia and particularly of this region called Gallura. A visit to the archaeological area of Arzachena is highly recommended. Here you can see excellent examples of the ancient remains of Sardinian civilization, as the Nuraghe and the Tomb of the Giants.

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